Saturday, May 6, 2017

Talk #2 of 12 -- Becoming the Person You Were Born to Be, by Wendy Watson Nelson

For the next while, I'm going to post my favorite takeaways of some powerhouse talks we are studying together in my Facebook group called 12 Talks in 12 Weeks. This series is a journal entry of sorts, of all the things I post in that group about each talk. (I'm also using the talks in a 12-week training program.)

Click here for a printable talk. 

Click here to watch the talk. 

Here is a video of my favorite takeaways from the talk. 
When you're desperate to become and do what God put you on this planet to become and do, no price is too high! Is your vision VUI-Spirit or VUI-devil? Also I include a list of things to pray for to help you connect more with Heavenly Father and His messages to you. 

Here is a blog post I wrote about the talk when it first came out. 

Here is a link to a blog post with Sister Nelson's 30-day challenge.

This challenge is life changing! It includes a printable little chart to check off your days, 
and quotes about personal revelation on the back. Enjoy! 

Here is a printable quote list about gifts of the Spirit. 

It includes a printable handout just the right size to glue into your scriptures if you'd like to. Can you tell I used to teach seminary? 

Here is a quote meme from the talk. 

Click here you'd like to join the Facebook group studying and sharing favorite takeaways from these 12 talks.

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