Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Talk #3 of 12 -- Personal Ministry: Sacred and Precious, by Bonnie Parkin

For the next while, I'm going to post my favorite takeaways of some powerhouse talks we are studying together in my Facebook group called 12 Talks in 12 Weeks. This series is a journal entry of sorts, of all the things I post in that group about each talk. (I'm also using the talks in a 12-week training program.

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Here is an inspiring video clip of Tim Tebow sharing how his personal ministry matters more than sports or fame. 

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Here is a Christian blog post about our most important personal ministry by Brie Gowen.

Here are some quote memes from the talk. 

Have you started adding this to your daily prayers yet? (Paragraph 59.) If you haven't, start today, and watch the Lord use you as a tool in His hands, a conduit of His love, an answer to other people's prayers. Like President Monson said, it is one of the sweetest experiences we can have! And as Bonnie Parkin said, "We become the hands of our Savior when we do His work" (Paragraph 63).
"Asking to be an answer to someone's prayer has a powerful impact. There are sacred, quiet experiences for those who participate with the Lord in answering prayers. As we go about listening, watching, and feeling for the answer to those prayers -- even in the midst of our busy schedules -- I testify that our earthly ministry unfolds by revelation and divine empowerment. Our testimonies, faith, and feelings of connectedness to the Lord expand in amazing, unexpected ways" (Paragraph 64).

I just had an epiphany. Sister Parkin talks of serving others outside our homes, but our most important, deepest, longest lasting mission and calling we will ever have is our own family. If you are a wife and mother, a husband and father, a daughter or son, brother or sister, the home is the place where your ministry counts the most! As President McKay said, "No other success can compensate for failure in the home” (Family Home Evening Manual[1968], iii).
Sometimes when we're in the busy trenches of young motherhood, we feel guilty that we're not serving more outside the home, but when the Savior said when we have done it unto the least of these His brethren, we have served Him, isn't home and family the place where we are constantly feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, nurturing the sick and lonely? (See Matthew 25:31-40.)
The ripples in the pond of influence are deeper and wider within our own family. Service in the home and family isn't always convenient, easy, appreciated, or glorious, but it is eternally a big deal!

Bonnie Parkin quoted Mother Theresa saying this in paragraph 26. I love it! Our personal ministry doesn't need to be planned or spectacular, just small, loving acts of service as we go.

I love that Bonnie Parkin quoted this from President Kimball! It's one of my favorite quotes and it makes me excited to live in the last days. We have missions to perform! God will help us accomplish them! (It's paragraph 13.)

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