Sunday, May 14, 2017

Talks #5 of 12 -- Mothers Who Know, by Julie B. Beck, and Fathers by D. Todd Christofferson

This is a series of my favorite takeaways of some powerhouse talks we are studying together in my Facebook group called 12 Talks in 12 Weeks. We're taking the rest of the summer off from posting new talks, to give people time to catch up and post their favorite parts from any of the 12 talks. Then in the fall we'll start back up again with another 12 talks! 

This time we read two talks, one for mothers and one for fathers!

"Mothers Who Know" by Julie Beck: 

"Fathers" by Elder Christofferson

Here is a video of my favorite takeaways from these two talks. 

Here is a blog post I wrote about a moment I shared in this video of thinking, "She is valuable and I am not." 

Here are some quote memes about the motherhood talk. 

Here are some quote memes about the fatherhood talk. 

I love this happy picture of a daddy dancing with his daughter. Wonderful! 

Click here for a post of recent Edwards' family pictures, capturing the joy of family. Here is one favorite pic.

Here is my hubby Mike,who babysat our three grand daughters so their mom and I could attend the temple. He walked the three girls to run a quick errand at Wal-mart several blocks away. I told him he gets the Father of the Year award for that! 

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