Sunday, July 9, 2017

Two favorite quotes about the Holy Ghost

Today in church I'm teaching about the Holy Ghost. 

This week I'm teaching a free online class with over 1,800 people in it. 

I'm honored to help people connect more with this dear friend, the Holy Ghost. 

Here are two of my favorite quotes about the Holy Ghost. 
Sheri Dew said, “The gift of the Holy Ghost is a gift of power. The Holy Ghost inspires and heals, guides and warns, enhances our natural capacities, inspires charity and humility, makes us smarter than we are, strengthens us during trials, testifies of the Father and the Son, and shows us “all things” that we should do (2 Nephi 32:5). No wonder President Hinckley has said: “There is no greater blessing that can come into our lives than . . . the companionship of the Holy Spirit” (“You Were Born to Lead, You Were Born for Glory,” BYU Devotional, December 9, 2003, Quoting Teachings of Gordon B. Hinckley, 259).
Parley P. Pratt said, “The gift of the Holy Ghost … quickens all the intellectual faculties, increases, enlarges, expands and purifies all the natural passions and affections; and adapts them, by the gift of wisdom, to their lawful use. It inspires, develops, cultivates and matures all the fine-toned sympathies, joys, tastes, kindred feelings, and affections of our nature. It inspires virtue, kindness, goodness, tenderness, gentleness, and charity. It develops beauty of person, form and features. It tends to health, vigor, animation, and social feeling. It invigorates all the faculties of the physical and intellectual man. It strengthens, and gives tone to the nerves. In short, it is, as it were, marrow to the bone, joy to the heart, light to the eyes, music to the ears, and life to the whole being” (Key to the Science of Theology, 9th ed. [1965], 101).

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