This is the Beautiful Becky Edwards. She has mentored me over that last several months and helped me to revolutionize my mind and bring happiness and enthusiasm to my goals. I have had so much success! This woman has taught me so much! Her passion is rich and wonderful and her love is abundant. If you are looking for a mentor who is excited, generous, talented, powerful, Becky will cultivate an environment where you will grow and evolve. Thank you Becky I have cherished every appointment. You are so wise and talented, I have loved learning from you. You are a radiant, beautiful, ray of light! Thank you for all you do! (Katy Duncan) 

“I have been so blessed to have you as my life mentor these past [several] months. … Not only have you taken me to the next level, helped me to see my life's purpose and mission, taught me to push through barriers that are holding me back and brought me worlds closer to my Savior, but you have become a life long friend! I love you so dearly and recommend you to any of my friends who are looking for someone to help them move forward in their journey of life by taking deliberate action with you by their side. My life is forever changed because of you and for that I am ever grateful!” (Julie Nelson, wife of Steven Sharp Nelson of The Piano Guys)

Becky's One-on-One Mentoring Packages

  • Twelve, six, or three month packages of mentoring appointments in-person, online, and/or over the phone 
  • Help you overcome obstacles, upgrade your habits, thinking, emotions, relationships, order, health, and reach your goals and dreams! 
  • Combination of mentoring techniques, intuition, emotional release and energy tools to help you move forward faster 
  • Key accountability systems and routines to help you create powerful habits and achieve your goals
  • Access to Becky for questions and support via email or text between appointments
  • BONUSES come with the mentoring packages. 

"Life on Purpose" 10-Week Group Coaching Program 
  • Ten weekly one-hour trainings either online or conference call
  • Private online support group to share connection and support with the group
  • Weekday tribe accountability calls to help you reach your goals and overcome obstacles
  • Key assignments to help you create empowering habits, upgrade your thinking, money mindset, emotions, relationships, action steps toward your goals 
  • BONUSES for group mentoring: Girlfriends' kickoff lunch training catered by Cafe Rio and your choice of one of Becky's classes! 
  • Click here for details about Becky's group coaching program. 

    Click here to schedule a FREE 30 to 60-minute strategy session phone call. 

    • Becky will ask some questions to help you clarify your goals and where you're going, some of the obstacles in the way, and share how she can help you overcome those obstacles and achieve those goals. Then you can prayerfully choose if it's right for you to mentor with her. Hiring a personal mentor is a big decision, a game changer, and the investment can change your life forever. So she encourages people to take that decision to God and get His input. 

    How can Becky help you? 
    • Draw from Becky’s unique combination of mentoring and life coaching, emotional release, energy work, spiritual tools, health tools, organization, and intuition. 
    • Help you create order in your life, home, time, and health including  power-packed habits and routines. 
    • Reach your goals, live your purpose, and create the life God has in store for you. 
    • Clear out negative thoughts, emotions, and relationship issues.
    • Move past reactive mood swings into a steady place of empowerment. 
    • Push past obstacles limiting beliefs, adversary influence, or anything else in your way.
    • Connect with God and intuition like never before.  
    • Feel more free, empowered, directed, and purposeful.
    • For Becky's mentoring clients, she doesn't hold back. Anything they ask for that she can give, she gives. That includes her playlists of uplifting music, epic music, and writing music. It includes any mentoring or presentation templates, or anything else you see Becky using that you'd like a copy of, just ask. She generously shares with her one-on-one mentoring clients. 
    • Becky will inspire and move you to action, help you see obstacles and reach goals, but will never judge or criticize you. This is a safe place for you to practice and experiment as you move forward. 
    • Becky is a mentor who can help open your eyes in new ways and walk you through simple yet powerful tools that you can use immediately. Her passion and enthusiasm for personal growth are contagious. Her faith and belief in people’s potential are tangible. She is ready to help you reach your goals, refine your routines, and raise your life to the next level in many areas. She knows what it’s like to feel depressed, stuck, and overwhelmed, and loves to help people who are open and ready to move forward!

    About Becky 

    Becky’s mission is to inspire, empower, and free people to become and do what God sent them here to become and do. She helps people create order in various areas of their lives so they can achieve their goals and dreams and live their higher purpose.

    • Professional organizer for 24 years
    • Mentor and life coach
    • Currently a coach for Kirk Duncan’s Elite Mentoring program students 
    • Speaker for 20 years, spoke at BYU Women’s Conference
    • Emotional release and energy worker 20 years
    • Owner of Purpose Driven Motherhood blog with about 600,000 page views
    • Taught LDS seminary and institute
    • Taught “Wanna Get Organized” classes 6 years
    • Has overcome depression, memory issues, focus and attention issues
    • Skilled in gluten-free and dairy-free eating
    • Created a system of 25 tools for scripture feasting, and 15 tools for power praying
    • Happy, successful marriage for 25 years
    • Has overcome an eating disorder and body image issues
    • Mother of five, grandmother of three, homeschooler
    • Healthy and fit, has mentored people in simple systems for eating healthy
    • Helped people upgrade their mood, thinking, and energy by upgrading food habits 
    • Helped people through unanswered gospel questions and faith crises
    • Board member and social media expert for Moms’ Retreat
    • Created 90-Day Book of Mormon Challenge with Facebook group for more than 1,500 people

    Coaching/Mentoring Testimonials 

    If you are looking for a mentor, she is incredible! I just finished a 3-month mentoring program with her and have seen outstanding results. She will also quickly become a dear friend :) She is a humble and strong example in virtually every area of life - relationships, financial, spiritual, mental, educational, emotional. She absolutely loves people and her enthusiasm for life is contagious. She has helped me get a clear vision of where I'm going and how to get there. She has helped me release things I didn't even know I had inside of me from my past. She has been a huge role in helping me prepare for a marriage relationship. She has helped me overcome thoughts and habits that were not serving me. Becky has not just taught me incredible things, but real and tangible results have come from it. I love you Becky!!!! 

    Jenessa Hammond, Idaho

    Becky Edwards is one of the finest women I know. Her enthusiasm and love of life is contagious as it radiates from her countenance! She has such passion to help love and lift others to experience that same joy and purpose in life that she thrives in! Becky is so inspired and in-tune with the Spirit that you know she is giving you the truest guidance possible, and she always has your best interest at heart. This is why I chose her as my personal mentor. Becky guided me through exercises to clear false beliefs that were holding me back. She also bent over backwards to help me move forward in my own goals and desires to help and lift others. She has so many tools and truths to share that can change your life for the better, and she gives her all to help make that happen. Becky holds nothing back. Her whole purpose and mission in life is to bless and serve others, and she is gifted at being able to do so. You can feel her great love for you as she exemplifies charity and infuses you with faith and hope in yourself and your great power within. I recommend Becky to anyone who is seeking greater happiness, purpose, and success in life. 

    Suzanne Lindsay, Utah
    Choosing a mentor is choosing to seriously get on the path, to find someone a few steps ahead, and let them guide you past the potholes to find the stepping stones. When I was ready to make changes in my life, I knew that I needed and wanted a mentor. I needed to work with someone who was ahead of me on the path. As I considered who this person could be, Becky Edwards immediately came to my mind. It was only after that thought that I found out that Becky is a professional mentor! 

    Working with Becky has been amazing! She brings a wealth of knowledge, tools,and compassion that makes her a powerful mentor!  Becky has helped me release emotional blocks and clean up relationships. As a result, my personal and professional life have improved dramatically.  Becky's gift to inspire and motivate has been a tremendous blessing to me! "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear". I was ready, Becky appeared, and I am forever changed!  Thank you, Becky, thank you for helping get further down the path!

    Kim D. Layton, Utah 

    I worked with Becky for 12 weeks after recently returning from my LDS mission due to mental illness. Her vibrant and bright personality is what drew me in to want to meet with her more. Through video calls, Becky helped me see glimpses of my true potential. She helped me open my eyes to the wonderful world of healing through my Savior, Jesus Christ. She made the Atonement a tangible thing compared to just this idea I was taught of since I was young. Becky taught me so much. If you are looking for someone to open your perspective, Becky is the person to do it!

    Mikayla W., Cedar City, Utah

    I have been honored to work with Becky as a Mentor this past summer. I think Becky has such a strong spirit about her, and is really intuitive about what people’s needs are. I found Becky when I was struggling with emotions of children losing their testimonies. She helped carry me through this time of grief. In addition to that she was able to help me to forgive myself for some long overdue issues. I had never thought to look at myself the way she was able to help me look at myself and the problem. It made it so easy to let go of the pain I had been causing myself.  It pulled me out of the slump and dump I was in. She has many, many tools to teach and assist with, which is helpful as we all have different trials and we look at things differently. Thank you, Becky, you are such a wonderful, wonderful example of BECOMING! I love that about you and I am so grateful for this example in my life. You have energy, kindness, and love that is rare


    Choice, caring, genuine, compassionate, divine human being. Becky Edwards is an angel on this earth. I know that God brought her into my life and she has helped me heal in ways that words cannot describe fairly. She is an amazing mentor, healer and teacher of the soul. She emanates Christ and His love in the way that she talks, writes and guides you. I feel privileged to call her friend and mentor and I look forward to seeing her divine potential take off and bless multitudes of people. I will continue to seek Becky out as a mentor and a facilitator of healing in my life. 

    Erica L., Cedar City, Utah 

    I am so grateful that the Lord has brought Becky Edwards into my life!  She has taught me so many valuable things and has helped me find peace and order through some pretty big transitions that I am going through!  I love her energy, her insights, and her encouragement.  Her faith in me and my abilities is almost tangible!  She is a wealth of knowledge and what she shares, if you truly apply it, can be a game changer!  If you feel even remotely drawn to work with Becky, I encourage you to do it, she can help you take things to the next level!

    Kelli Naylor, Utah County, Utah 

    Becky's example, skills and influence have taught me to purge my life of old habits, false beliefs and clutter – both spiritual and temporal.  I have learned that by getting rid of dark emotions it inadvertently causes a purge of temporal possessions and unhealthy relationship patterns. Dejunking my spirit has allowed me to apply the Atonement to scarred relationships and see myself for who I truly am – a daughter of God with a mission.  Becky believed in me when I doubted myself; in addition to planting seeds of hope in my soul she provided the skills to better myself.

    Becky has also mentored me in the organization of my home.  Our family has been able to implement daily systems that have created productivity, order, efficiency and self-reliance.  Doing the laundry used to take over my life.  But now I turn to it as a source to create peace and order. Through the skills and healing I have gained from Becky I have been able to stop living beneath my means and discover my personal mission as a mother, mentor and healer.  I have learned first hand from her how to prioritize my life. Overwhelming chaos has turned into quiet peace and direction.  I will be forever grateful to her and the many, many ways she has enriched my life. 

    Lindsey Reese, Clinton, Utah 

    Video Testimonial by Aimee Benefield, Grand Junction, Colorado 

    A tool that I have learned from Becky is how to get bad or negative thoughts and energy out of my mind and then fill the space with something positive. I love to be around Becky because positive energy is contagious. David O McKay said: "Every person who lives in this world wields an influence, whether for good or for evil. It is not what he says alone; it is not alone what he does. It is what he is...Every person radiates what he or she really is...It is what we are and what we radiate that affects the people around us." Being able to have a positive attitude affects every relationship we have. It also makes every task not only doable but enjoyable.

    Stacey Duncan, Syracuse, Utah 

    Becky is a powerhouse of light and truth! Whenever I work with her she gets right to the issue that needs healing and facilitates healing efficiently and effectively. She has shown me how to tap into the spiritual gifts heavenly Father and Jesus Christ offer us. She has also shown me how to really connect with the God in a very real and very personal way that has deepened my relationship with them and profoundly changed the way I see them and me and that it just what I needed! Becky is constantly learning and seeking ways to improve and add to her skills and that means she has many many tools at her disposal to individualize the help she gives to people. She has blessed my life in countless ways with her light, enthusiasm, love, faith, intuition and above all her complete faith and trust in God. Becky is amazing!!

    Tricia K., Payson, Utah 

    Becky Edwards is a pillar of beauty and strength and wisdom! She is a natural leader, and people are drawn to her wherever she goes. She loves beautiful, good, and virtuous things. She is a gospel scholar and uses her time and energy to inspire lift and empower others.  I trust Becky, and have been grateful for her influence and impact in my life.

    Melanie Ballard, Salt Lake City, Utah 

    Becky is a super intuitive mentor who is an avid student and teacher.  She is very prepared and organized and can lead people with experience and confidence. She has shared tools with me that she uses to deepen her relationship with God as she shines her light and inspires others to improve their lives.  She's a real down to earth lady who genuinely cares for those around her and has taken time to help friends of mine with struggles which has made a big impact on their lives. 

    Kathy Stoddard, Layton, Utah 

    I felt I was stuck. After 35 years of marriage. I found myself being blindsided and in the middle of a divorce. No matter what I did I could not get closure.  I Prayed for answers for a better future yet I refused to let the past go. I hung onto false hope. I was in denial.  Becky encouraged me to treasure the good times and hold onto those memories. She helped me put order and perspective into my life. She helped me be freed of the hard and hurtful things that had happened in the past. Finally, after months of torture I was able to find peace. I was desperate for closure and it was while Becky was working with me I felt absolute peace come to me exhausted soul.

    Becky's confidence and compassionate way helped empower me to move forward. She helped me gently close the door and to enter a new place.I learned that I could live more than one life in a lifetime. The time had come and I could no longer stay with some of the people that I have invested a lot of time and energy into and loved!  

    I felt like a whole person again, I was able to finally put things in perspective and it freed me and empowered me to be able to move forward. It allowed opportunities to happen but couldn't before because I wasn't allowing it to.  I truly was my own worst enemy.   When I left my appointment with Becky I felt peace in my heart and all the hate and hurt and anguish I had experienced was finally gone.

    Becky lives the principles that I know to be truth to me. She radiates light! She has touched the lives of those she is destined to touch, mine included.  I will be forever grateful that she has helped me reach a step higher on the spiritual rung of a ladder. 

    Becky J., Syracuse, Utah 

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