Posts about Media, Movies, Music, or Books

Power Down to Power Up: Eight Ways God and Satan use Media in the War for our Souls (My Stake Standards Night Presentation)

[Guest Author] Caught Your Kid With Porn? Six Ways to Lift Your Relationship Instead of Lose It

20 Amazing Things to Read about the Divine Importance of Motherhood

"O Be Wise: Using Social Media" The talk I gave last week in Provo

Speaking at BYU Women's Conference - what an electric, Spirit-filled day!

2015 Best Internet Filter Software Review, and two free tips to avoid seeing yucky stuff online

Parents: Watch this before giving a child or teen a smart phone (or now if they already own one)

Online Video Games: Top 10 Tips to Keep Kids Safe

Things I Learned at an Anti-Pornography Conference

Eight big reasons not to let your kids play violent video games

A great two-sided handout to talk with your kids about pornography. Makes a great FHE discussion.

Technology can bring us closer to God and others, or can get in the way. Which way are you using it?

Take a three-day holy music challenge!  And an FHE lesson idea.

I love this movie! "Meet the Mormons"

17 Quotes about the power of holy music

Four free ways to listen to uplifting LDS music 24 hours a day

20 Principles to Stay on God's Side of the Line with Media

A great book list for pre-missionaries, or anyone else wanting to come closer to Christ

200+ Ideas for uplifting movies and documentaries

Here's what I've been reading lately.

12 Ways pornography leaks into your home (and how to stop them)

"God's Not Dead" Movie

Our favorite pioneer trek resources - movies, books, music, paintings

An LDS bishop's answer to: "How can parents protect children from pornography?"

Six Resources to Teach Your Family Appropriate Use of Media

Good, Clean Movies

Great Movie Resources for Christian/LDS Families

Books I've Loved Reading Since I Started Homeschooling

Mormon Ad Contest Entries and Winner! "Before tech...connect!"

Video - Who is your scripture hero?

Posts that Include a Video About a Topic

"Teens Are Meant for More." Wow, please watch and share this inspiring video with every teen you know.

Who wants to join me in a 90-day Book of Mormon challenge this summer?

How to deal with hard questions like why didn't all races formerly receive the priesthood?

Outstanding talk by Wendy Watson Nelson about Covenants, Angels, Temples, Family History

Gems from Today's Seminary Lesson about Handcart Pioneers, with a Quote Handout

FHE Idea about Joseph Smith with videos and quotes

"O Be Wise: Using Social Media" The talk I gave last week in Provo

My Own Mini Liberty Jail Experience This Morning at Seminary

Elder Holland on What to Remember During the Sacrament: "This Do in Remembrance of Me"

He Lives - Celebrate Easter Because Jesus Christ Lives (Beautiful New video from

How does God feel about sacrifice? And quotes about tithing.

Doing vs. becoming...Elder Bednar gave the best advice for helping prepare your child for a mission.

Elder Holland's fireside on marriage, fearing the future, and hanging onto your faith amid questions

Videos of prophets about preparing for the Second Coming

Mormon Channel's new video and guidelines of food storage!

Elder Scott's and my testimony about Christ's Atonement

I'm so inspired by the 2015 mutual theme, song, and video! 

Are you putting on the full armor of God every day? Holy habits are the key.

Elder Holland: Evil influences are real; by using God's power we can cast them out.

My daughter Grace and her friends' music video "Breath of Heaven"

Indulge in a bit of beautiful piano music by our son Adam

Christmas videos I'm showing my seminary class tomorrow

Four short videos that show how trials can make you bitter or better - it's your choice

"Watch your Step" Mormon Message Video

God's Priesthood is the Greatest Power on Earth

Three videos that show the worth of souls is great in the sight of God

Two videos about bringing souls to Christ

Three videos and a study chart about personal revelation

My favorite talk of all time! Sheri Dew: "You Were Born to Lead, You Were Born for Glory."

Seminary scripture mastery keywords song for Doctrine and Covenants

Why principles matter when we learn anything

Video: Women! Stand up, speak up, and follow what you feel called to do.

Video: How do you handle Mary - Martha moments, choosing between two goods?

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