"Becky Edwards is animated, engaging, fun, intelligent, energetic, and has a heart full of love! I highly recommend her retreat for anyone seeking purpose, direction, inspiration, clarity, learning, connection, and fun! And the food was amazing!"
- Aimee Benefield, Colorado 

"This retreat has nourished my soul. I have been filled spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically in ways that were just right for me."
- Emily L., Idaho 

September 7-9 
11 AM Thursday to 4 PM Saturday 
at a Beautiful Bear Lake Cabin!

$347 for three days

"This retreat and the connections I’ve made here have been the catalyst for ginormous upgrades in my understanding and growth. The Spirit has been here in abundance and we are going home with our buckets filled, our hearts overflowing, and our determination strengthened. Our vision of our own personal missions and possibilities has been broadened and clarified. Thank you, Becky, for standing in truth, sharing the light, and loving each of us with open arms!"
- Katie Garner, Utah 

Hear from Our Amazing Presenters
(Details about speakers below)

  • Julie Ann Nelson
  • Wife of Steven Sharp Nelson of Piano Guys
  • Mommy, holistic health coach, gifted musician
  • "The Healing Power of Music and Health"

  • Becky Edwards
  • Owner of Purpose Driven Motherhood blog, presenter, mentor and life coach
  • "The Power of Faith in the Impossible" 
  • "The Power of Overcoming Your Goliaths"

  • Hollie Dance 
  • Mentor, speaker, real estate agent 
  • "The Power of Words" 

    • Kim Davis 
      • Eternal Warriors addiction prevention mentor and family coach, professional storyteller 
      • "Claiming Your Power"  

    "I recommend Becky’s retreat to any woman who wants to find peace, power, and purpose in their life. I am definitely a better version of myself and have more confidence…” 
    - Teresa P., Washington

    "I got so much more than I expected to get. I found more clarity on my mission. I gained confidence to spread my message. I learned valuable tools, strategies, and gold nuggets."
    - Renee M., Wyoming 

    The Inspiration Behind this Retreat 

    The quote above speaks to my soul! I know many women who feel called to do something in these last days. We don't remember receiving assignments in the life before this, but we feel a longing, a leaning, an urging, a craving to do something we feel we are supposed to do. We want to make a difference. Can you relate? 

    As a life coach and presenter, I love helping people become and do what God put them on earth to become and do. It lights me up inside! For many mothers, there are stages where our full attention is put on our deepest mission of family and home, which is the most important, eternal work we will ever do. There are other phases where many women feel called of God to do something else, yet they still want to be excellent mothers, because "No other success can compensate for failure in the home" (David O. McKay).

    This retreat is about helping us gain clarity and inspiration from God, gaining empowerment and tools to see our gifts, overcome obstacles, boost our faith, and live our God-given missions, whatever your stage of life!

    "This retreat has been enriching, enlightening, healing, strengthening, clearing, freeing, and encouraging to be in such a great environment, with every detail thought of and catered to. Becky has created a wonderful haven of learning and growth, a safe place to release pinned up energy and false self beliefs." 
    - Marcy V., Utah 

    Savor time to relax, connect, visit, learn, ponder, and journal. Nourish your body with health-boosting meals, snacks, and treats. Get rejuvenated and recharged to live a more inspired, purpose-driven life.

    "I knew without a doubt I was meant to be here, but I had no clue how perfect it would be for me. Not only did this retreat answer my prayers, and give deepened spiritual truth. This retreat gave women warriors our swords and armor to fight and win!"
    - Kamie M., Wyoming 

    Activities we'll be enjoying together 
    • Speakers 
    • Discussions 
    • Journaling (Bring your journal!) 
    • Eating delicious, healthy food 
    • Scripture activity (Bring your scriptures!) 
    • Hands-on activities and games for learning, self-discovery, and receiving inspiration for your path
    • Time to enjoy nature at the beautiful Bear Lake
    • Singing
    • Relaxing 
    • Making new friends and great memories 

    Come connect with amazing women on their path of living an inspired, purpose-driven life. 

    Click here to register
    $347 for three days
    so book your spot today! 

    Details about our Presenters

    Julie Ann Nelson 

    Mommy of four, married to my Prince Charming, a rock star in a cellist kind of way - proud to raise my hand when referred as “the wife of Steven Sharp Nelson.” When I’m not playing cook, doctor, or disciplinarian, you will usually find me hiding in the music room at the piano, with either a guitar or violin in hand. My years of BYU-Hawaii attending, volleyball playing, backpack adventuring, violin teaching and holistic health coaching have molded me into the wild and peculiar woman I am grateful to be! My passion lies in shining His light by empowering others to fulfill their life’s purpose. As thirsty individuals, we need each other on this journey called life. I believe we cannot get to Christ without going through each other. People are not our stumbling blocks, they are our customized steps that lead us back to the Living Well. I thirst for knowledge (and my daily dose of gross-looking but delicious veggie juice)! You can find Julie's holistic health coaching at Happy to be Healthy.

    Becky Edwards
    Becky Edwards is a mentor/life coach, presenter, blogger, and professional organizer. She has overcome challenges such as depression, body issues including an eating disorder, focus and memory issues, and chronic chaos. She loves sharing simple yet powerful tools that help people upgrade and heal their thinking, emotions, relationships, habits, success, and connection to their Higher Power. Becky has taught LDS seminary and institute. Becky has been a coach for the students in 3 Key Element's Elite Mentoring program. She has been a homeschooling mom with five children and three grandchildren. She graduated from BYU studying parenting, marriage, and counseling. Becky teaches several classes: 
    Overwhelmed to Organized: Don’t Let Clutter Bury Your Dreams
    Food, Mood, and Energy: Ten Keys to Feeling Great,
    Relationship Upgrade: Healing and Connecting with Those Who Matter Most,
    Heaven Journaling 30-day Program. 
    She also puts on retreats and a 12-week group mentoring program called Life on Purpose. You can find her at PurposeDrivenMotherhood.

    Hollie Dance 
    Hollie Dance has over 12 years experience in the real estate industry. She has taken her knowledge of contracts, negotiations, and client relations and used them to fuel her passion for communication and mentoring. She mentors on a personal and business level. 
    Completely debt free and goal focused, Hollie is committed to guiding other women to success. She currently lives in South Ogden with her wonderful husband and 4 young children. She will be teaching how to use your words to maximize the effectiveness of your God given purpose and message, and how language can purify and strengthen ourselves and those around us. 

    Kim Davis 
    Kim Davis is a dynamic mentor messenger who enlightens and inspires families to step into the light and claim their power!  Kim is a 3-Key Elements trained professional mentor, the Executive Secretary of Story Crossroads, and a professional storyteller.  Kim lives in Layton, Utah with her husband of 22 years, Jay, and their eight children. For 20 years, Kim was a homemaker and homeschooler.

    Kim credits Eternal Warriors for helping her overcome a life-long sugar addiction, caring for a special needs daughter, and dealing with her husband’s unexpected brain tumor which resulted in a crazy role reversal for her and Jay.  Kim pioneered the use of Eternal Warriors principles to teach families and has been mentoring families to “clear the smoke” and “stay at a Zero” for nearly three years.

    Drawing upon her training and experience as a storyteller, mentor, mother, and wife, Kim teaches others to apply the powerful Eternal Warrior principles to fight and win individual and family battles ranging from addiction prevention and recovery to everyday life challenges.  Kim is excited to inspire the members of your family to step into the light and claim their power! To learn more about Kim's mentoring with Eternal Warriors, you can see 

    Tentative Agenda 

    Thursday, September 7
    • 11:00 Arrive and get settled   
    • 11:30 Becky Edwards: Welcome, Get-to-know-you Activities
    • 12:30 Becky: "The Power of Faith in the Impossible"
    • 1:30 Lunch and Visiting  
    • 3:00 Mood-booster Activity  
    • 3:30 Hollie Dance: "The Power of Words" 
    • 5:30 Dinner and Visiting 
    • 7:00 Music Activity  
    • 8:00-10 Free Time! Visiting, Journal, Music, Nature 
    Friday, September 8
    • 7:30 Nature Walk if You Desire
    • 8:30 Breakfast and Visiting 
    • 10:00 Quote Activity 
    • 11:00 Julie Ann Nelson: "The Power of Music and Health" 
    • 12:30 Sack Lunch at the Beach! 
    • 2:30 Becky: "The Power of Overcoming Your Goliaths"
    • 4:30 Free Time! 
    • 6:00 Dinner and Visiting
    • 8:00-10 Free Time! Visiting, Journal, Music, Nature 
    Saturday, September 9  
    • 7:30 Nature Walk if you Desire 
    • 8:30 Breakfast 
    • 9:30 Quote Activity 
    • 10:00 Kim Davis: "Claiming Your Power"  
    • 11:30 Becky: Gold Nuggets Discussion, Inspired Action Plan Journal Activity, Testimonials 
    • 1:00 Lunch and Visiting, Take Group Picture
    • 2:30-4:00 Pack up, Farewell, Checkout  

    More of the Inspiration Behind this Retreat 

    Have you felt called to do something to make a difference? Some feel called to... 
    • Become the best full-time mother they can be 
    • Create a business
    • Raise funds for underprivileged people
    • Homeschool their children
    • Write a book or start a blog
    • Become a mentor or presenter, sharing messages they feel passionate about 
    • Work on healing themselves or their family from physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual struggles, or an addiction 
    • Become a foster parent or adopt
    • Find tools to create joy, purpose and transformation in their journey through a crisis
    • Learn certain skills like health, preparedness, personal development, nursing, or childbirth education to help contribute to the world in these challenging last days
    • Deepen their connection with God and live more fully by personal revelation in their daily walk of discipleship
    • Actively engage in politics
    • Be the best grandparent they can be
    • Prepare spiritually and temporally for challenging times in the last days 
    • Develop a particular talent
    • Share the gospel 
    • Be a wonderful supporter for your spouse's mission 
    • Some feel overwhelmed by a new church or civic assignment and want to do their best
    • Desiring direction on a new phase like empty nest 
    • Maybe you feel like you want to make a difference but aren't sure how

    God needs each of us to do our part to get the world ready for the Savior's return! 

    I've been deeply touched as various women have shared with me the personalized missions they feel called to fulfill. We know we made promises and accepted assignments before this life, and we certainly want to accomplish what we came here to do!  Yet many of us are unclear, feel self-doubts, we don't know how to do it, and it may look and feel utterly impossible to accomplish the inspired ideas we've received. 

    You are not alone. 

    I've experienced those feelings many times before. In fact, those are indicators that you're on the right track! The good news is, it's part of God's plan for us to have tasks we cannot accomplish on our own without His help. Yet God did not send us to earth to fail, but to succeed gloriously! When you receive God's will, you receive His power to do it. I have experienced the triumph of pushing through those doubts and obstacles and accomplishing what God has asked me to do. This retreat is about your path, your journey, of listening to those promptings, gaining clarity of what God wants you accomplish, connecting with others on a purpose-driven path, and finding the tools, empowerment, and inspiration you need to move forward in accomplishing your missions. 

    One of the beautiful blessings of feeling called to do seemingly impossible things is that we must become a different person to accomplish them. 

    Transformation is one of the gifts God gives us when we step forward and say, "Here am I Lord, send me." It takes a lot of courage! Some goals are so big that we can't achieve them until we grow into the person who can. The scriptures and history are full of people whom God called and then qualified to accomplish the things He inspired them to do. Russell M. Nelson said, "Expect and prepare to accomplish the impossible. God has always asked His covenant children to do difficult things. ...The Lord will ask you to do difficult things. You can count on it. ... I know how unnerving it can be to be asked to do something that seems far beyond your capacity" (Becoming True Millenials, Worldwide Devotional, January 10, 2016). 

    You are one of those people. 

    Step forward and take your place! Join other purpose-driven women who are on a similar path. Come to this retreat to find more clarity of your purpose, tools to push past the fears, doubts, and other obstacles, and empowerment to accomplish what you feel called to do!  

    What a blessing to live in a day and age when women have more of a voice than ever! 

    Here is a video I created months ago about women in the last days rising up and doing whatever it takes to accomplish their missions. 

    More Quotes that Inspired this Retreat 

    “Sisters…step forward! …Speak up and speak out…We [need] your unique influence. ... You...possess distinctive capabilities and special intuition you have received as gifts from God. ...[We need] your impressions, your insights, and your inspiration. Take your rightful and needful place in your home, in your community, and in the kingdom of God—more than you ever have before. I plead with you to fulfill President Kimball’s prophecy. And I promise that as you do so, the Holy Ghost will magnify your influence in an unprecedented way! We need women who know how to receive personal revelation, ...women with the gift of discernment...We need women who know how to make important things happen by their faith...women who know how to call upon the powers of heaven to protect and strengthen children and families; women who teach fearlessly… women who can speak out” (Russell M. Nelson, “A Plea to My Sisters,” Ensign, Nov 2015, emphasis added).
    President Kimball said this in 1978.

    This is the prophesy Russell M. Nelson referred to in his quote above. 

    Image result for 1 nephi 3 7

    "Brigham Young prophesied 'that in proportion to the spread of the Gospel among the nations of the earth, so would the power of Satan rise.' ...  As evil increases in the world, there is a compensatory power of revelation and spiritual gifts given to the righteous. The Lord gives us added power as we are willing to remain righteous in a wicked world. ... As the world grows darker, the light of the truth shines brighter. As the hearts of men become colder, the warmth of the Savior’s peace burns stronger. As the noise of tempting voices shout louder, the still, small voice of the Spirit comes with even greater clarity. As evil increases in the world, the Lord sends the power of revelation and spiritual gifts for the righteous. Teach our sons and daughters that there is an important work for them to do. ... The Lord has a work for each [person]" (Neil Anderson, "A Classroom of Faith, Hope, and Charity," Broadcast for CES instructors, February 28, 2014, emphasis added).

    I'm giddy with anticipation! 
    I have been receiving more inspiration day after day and this retreat keeps getting better and better! I invite you to pray to see if this retreat is right for you. If it is, I can hardly wait to greet you with a big hug and join you in a powerful three day journey together! 

    Questions and Answers 
    1. Is this retreat for women? Yes, it is a women's retreat.
    2. I see quotes from leaders of the LDS Church. Is this retreat only for LDS Church members? All women who resonate with the theme are welcome. The presenters are all LDS and will speak openly from the context of their faith, so as long as you are fine with that, you are welcome to come! 
    3. I want to come but will I fit in if I don't know what my life mission is? I haven't thought much about it before. Of course you are welcome! Some of our activities may help you uncover some clues to your missions in life. 
    4. Can you accommodate for food allergies? Yes, I, Becky, have sensitivities to gluten, dairy, and oats, so I understand the need for this. In the registration page there is a place to type in any dietary restrictions you may have. We will do our best to accommodate them. If you have an extremely restricted diet, you may need to supply your own meals. 
    5. Can I bring my own snacks? Of course! We will supply some healthy snacks but if you want to bring your own, feel free. 
    6. Is there a deeper discount available for a person who couldn't attend otherwise? Yes, contact to ask about this. 
    7. Will you send more specific details as the retreat gets closer? Yes, we'll send a menu, agenda, and suggested packing list. 

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