Posts about Edwards Family Happenings 

A Week or Two in the Life of the Edwards Family

My Babies are 14... A Fun Birthday Week!

My son would love it if you subscribe to his kid-friendly how-to You Tube channel!

I'm giving a presentation on Jan 12. Feel free to join me!

Want to take your life to the next level? 

If God is more powerful than the Red Sea, He is more powerful than my problems too

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14 Ways Technology Blesses Missionary Moms

Our Bear Lake Balderree Family Reunion!

A great weekend! Last day of seminary, spoke at a conference, a friend's baptism, hiking, and started Book of Mormon challenge!

I'll be speaking at a homeschool conference on May 29-30, 2015

Happy 16th Birthday to our Grace!

Two (Actually Three) Ideas to Make General Conference More Powerful, and Some Family Pics

I'm speaking at three conferences soon. If you want to come to any of them please find me and say hello!

Our family's 24-hour preparedness drill

You just can't measure the influence of one convert. And a tribute to my dad. 

Why my family reads "For the Strength of Youth" every year

Mike was released as an LDS bishop today. What an honor to serve the Lord by serving the Lord's children.

My daughter Grace and her friends' music video "Breath of Heaven"

Indulge in a bit of beautiful piano music by our son Adam

Adam's MTC week! Lotsa pictures...

Adam's mission farewell

Adam is an Eagle Scout...ten days before his mission

Adam's special temple day - the first day the Ogden Temple opened!

A dream-come-true 18th birthday for Adam!

Grace's room project!

A gift of my mother heart to my pre-missionary son -- his favorite quick recipes

Our son Adam got his mission call!

A day in the life of me and Grace (my 15 year-old)

Becky's before and after "Dressing Your Truth" hair makeover

Our multi-family pioneer trek...what a spiritual feast!

Grace is Fifteen! And bursting with talent...

My Babies Turned Twelve ... An Afternoon of Pure Joy

Never Underestimate the Power of One Mother

"She is valuable, and I am not."

I Became a Grandma!

Becky's Trip to Jerusalem

Celebrating Mother's Day with Recent Family Pics

Sweet Potato Souffle - Best Thanksgiving Dish Ever

Posts about Family 

FHE idea to celebrate families in conjunction with World Congress of Families!

[Guest Author] Caught Your Kid With Porn? Six Ways to Lift Your Relationship Instead of Lose It 

20 Amazing Things to Read about the Divine Importance of Motherhood

14 Ways Technology Blesses Missionary Moms

There is Power in Being on the Temple Grounds

Scripture Feasting Tool #6 - Kids! Eleven Fun Ideas to Get Your Kids in the Scriptures

My Self-Checklist of Four Things in Response to the Gay Marriage Ruling

Elder Holland's fireside on marriage, fearing the future, and hanging onto your faith amid questions

Eight big reasons not to let your kids play violent video games

A great two-sided handout to talk with your kids about pornography. Makes a great FHE discussion.

As a mom, do you feel guilty taking time to recharge your batteries? Jesus needed it too.

37 Activities and games that need no props. A great list for emergency kits.

Fun list of questions to ask your missionary during your Christmas call or Skype!

Three easy ways to get your family excited about family history!

Why in the world do I go to church when I'm in the hall with a fussy baby?

Why my Grandpa William Budge is my hero

12 Ways Pornography Leaks Into Your Home (and how to stop them)

An LDS bishop and lawyer answers: "How can parents protect their children from pornography?"

Life and Parenting Lessons from D&C 3

Excellent talk about protecting your family from pornography

Six Resources to Teach Your Family Appropriate Use of Media

If You are a Parent Please Watch This

Motherhood: It's What God Gave You Time For

Great Movie Resources for Christian/LDS Families

Good, Clean Movies

Are our kids being raised in real life or virtual life? It's an important choice.


Heather Woodbury said...

Becky Edwards...I ended up getting a different Pontius book than you listed (I remembered you said it was a good one about a Near Death Experience)..but it's so amazingly good. It's called Visions of Glory.

I stopped reading so I could read it with my husband but I don't know if I can wait for him to catch up and read it that slowly (out loud). lol.

I want my son preparing for his mission to read it because it's so inspiring, although I understand it goes into last days materials which can be scary.

I don't know why Near Death Experiences affect me so, but they are definitely virtuous and praiseworthy and inspire me to live better! I also read Heaven is Beyond Your Wildest Expectations: Ten True Stories of Experiencing Heaven which is an easier read. 10 shorter experiences (often excerpted from the whole experience). It changed me for the better. I started to understand more how to live in accordance with the relationship of Jesus to Heavenly Father. And the Book of Revelation made so much more sense, too. (Warning..the first chapter feels kind of protestant and was my least favorite for that reason)

Since I can't tag you I hope you can find this post. :)

Becky Edwards said...

Heather, thank you for your comment! I also liked Visions of Glory. I just started a new NDE book called A Greater Tomorrow by Julie Rowe. Several months ago I listened to the audio book Heaven is for Real, which is about a little boy visiting the spirit world. His dad is a ?Protestant preacher, but his experience lined up so much with LDS doctrine. I LOVE The Message by Lance Richardson, who is a wonderful LDS man who has since passed away. Take care!