4-class digital course is worth $297. 
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  • Keys to eating for energy, good mood, and a clear mind
  • Simple systems to up-level your food, water, exercise, and sleep
  • Mealtime time savers
  • Simplified meal planning, shopping, cooking
  • Easy health-boosting snacks, breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and treats 
  • Ways to include more live foods in your diet
  • How food can impact mood, depression, anxiety, memory, brain fog, stress, relationships, your spirit 
  • Cravings, Emotions, and Energy 
  • Mind-body-emotion-spirit Connection 
  • Lighten your load: Simple tools to release negative thoughts and emotions
  • Say goodbye to roller coaster emotions and hello to a steady mood  
  • Amazing awareness tools to help you connect the dots between your actions and how you feel 
  • Becky's journey from depression to happy: tools that worked for her
  • List of instant actions you can take to boost energy and mood and lift out of that mid-afternoon slump 
  • Create peace and tranquility in a frenzied culture
  • Find healing in your relationship with food and with your body, no matter your size 
  • Although the purpose of this class isn't about losing weight, with these tools that upgrade awareness of your actions, create more positivity in thoughts and emotions, and release negativity, some people effortlessly release unwanted pounds as a side effect. 

Many people don't understand that what they eat can and drink dramatically affect their mood, their energy, their ability to think clearly, their ability to be nice rather than stressed and snappy at their children.

Becky Edwards is not a medical professional, but she has personal experience with overcoming depression and anxiety, an eating disorder, blood sugar issues, and ADD issues. As a life coach, she offers tools that can help prevent and even overcome these kinds of challenges. She shares real life solutions that have worked for her, people she knows, and a survey of more than 100 people who have overcome these struggles. You can feel good, and feel joy! Come learn how. 

 Life-changing Tools, Solutions, and Inspiration!

4-class digital course is worth $297. 
For a limited time, you can use the coupon code CLASS to get the course for only $97!

Click here to register.

NOTE: I teach with an openness about my faith in God, and that He can help us with all aspects our lives, including creating order. If that resonates true for you, wonderful! If you’re not so sure, feel free to take what you like and leave the rest.

About Becky

Becky’s mission is to inspire, empower, and free people to become and do what God sent them here to become and do. She helps people create order in various areas of their lives so they can achieve their goals and dreams and live their higher purpose.

  • Professional organizer for 24 years
  • Mentor and life coach
  • Coach for Kirk Duncan’s Elite Mentoring program
  • Speaker for 20 years, spoke at BYU Women’s Conference
  • Emotional release coach for 20 years
  • Owner of Purpose Driven Motherhood blog with about 600,000 page views
  • Taught LDS seminary and institute
  • Taught “Wanna Get Organized” classes 6 years
  • Has overcome depression, memory issues, focus and attention issues
  • Skilled in gluten-free and dairy-free eating
  • Created a system of 25 tools for scripture feasting, and 15 tools for power praying
  • Happy, successful marriage for 25 years
  • Has overcome an eating disorder and body image issues
  • Mother of five, grandmother of three, homeschooler
  • Healthy and fit, has mentored people in simple systems for eating healthy
  • Helped people upgrade their mood, thinking, and energy by upgrading food habits 
  • Helped people through unanswered gospel questions and faith crises
  • Board member and social media expert for Moms’ Retreat
  • Created Facebook group "90-Day Book of Mormon Challenge" with 1,500 people
  • Created Facebook group "12 Talks in 12 Weeks" with 1,900 people
  • Created Facebook group "Heaven Journaling 101" with 1,700 people

Testimonials about Food, Mood and Energy Class 

This class has helped me understand many things that I have not ever thought about when it comes to my food, my body, and how I feel about myself. I learned ways to work through food addiction, body image struggles, and how to change my mood and keep it balanced. Most importantly, I learned to view myself the way God views me and that every step I take to better myself, my food habits, and my mood is a step forward.
     -- Annie

Becky shared so many powerful tools that really work to boost mood and overcome negative emotions. There is an absolute connection between our physical and spiritual selves, and Becky uses her personal experiences and ideas from others to demonstrate these connections. The ideas are based on true principles and are so do-able!

      -- Heidi

I'm so grateful for the all the tools you have blessed me with as I try to improve my life. You have been a huge blessing in my life. All the knowledge you share is heaven sent. Thank you! I'm going to move forward, using the tools you have taught me, and enjoy my new and improved life. I am no longer a "victim."

      -- Beverly, Utah

Becky loves and cares about each individual in her class, which creates real content that won't just impact your life but will move you to change. I found peace with my past mistakes and was able to move past them. I found clarity in where I am now and the good I am now. I found motivation to create change and a beautiful life for myself. Not a class but a movement. I love Becky, I love her message, and now I love my life.
-- Ashlee Earl, Morgan, Utah

I have had a blast in Becky's Food, Mood and Energy class. Becky practices and applies what she teaches and you can feel the energy that she brings. She is a wealth of knowledge and will teach you every tool that she feels will bless your life. She is prayerful about the needs of her class members and honors the inspiration she gets. I am leaving this class feeling like I can create newness in my life. I now have the tools I need to move forward in a calm, confident, way as I use many new ideas.

     -- Julie Grange

The world is constantly feeding us negative, critical, defeating messages. This class helped me realized that I don't have to accept those messages! I can combat them and get myself in a place of positivity and progress where I want to be. In many way -- food, emotions, thoughts, I can be an "owner" and not a "victim." I can take action to improve and influence others.

      -- Suzanne

Thank you for taking your time and energy in creating this much needed class on a very important message -- food and mood! Thank you for having the COURAGE to share your personal story and the tools you have learned that have helped you. You are an inspiration and blessing to many. I have so enjoyed this class and have many takeaways to better my food and mood! Thank you!

      -- Lisa Holdaway, South Weber, Utah

When I think of the classes I've taken from Becky I think of nuggets of precious gold knowledge. Every class I attend provides me with useful lifetime tools that I can implement as soon as I leave. I love being in Becky's presence. She gives off light. Each participant feels that Becky knows us personally, and she is our biggest cheerleader. I am looking forward to her next class.

      -- Natalie Reese, Utah

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