“I have upgraded my life in every aspect because of this program.” - Megan D. 

The Life on Purpose program has been amazing! I have learned and progressed so much! I have loved working with my team to help me achieve what I thought was impossible. I decluttered my basement of junk in 30 days! I now have tools to help me continue working on goals for the rest of my life. 
- LaRisa A.

Becky Edwards is my favorite life coach I have ever followed or learned from. This program was a fantastic experience for me! I have seen major positive changes in my thought and emotion management, home life, work life, organization, and my family! It's so refreshing to have a powerful mentor like Becky with life coaching tools AND the added bonus of bringing it all back to the gospel, Christ, and family. I unequivocally recommend this program to anyone who is open to seeking out their life's mission and upgrading themselves to the next level. I see the changes I made as long-term, life-changing changes! 
- Kristin M. 

"No program has ever catapulted me forward like this." - Kristin 

Thank you Becky for your inspired program! I learned patterns and habits to keep the mental and emotional clutter cleaned up and in check and my life moving forward with purpose and passion. What valuable tools these have been!
- Anne R.

Program Includes 
  • Ten-week program designed to help you move forward in your divine life purpose, overcome obstacles and reach goals you didn't think you could! 
  • Focus on two goals in ten weeks 
  • Power-packed habits and routines 
  • Daily moving forward with inspired action steps
  • Learn to connect and receive communication with God, the ultimate mentor 
  • Key assignments and accountability systems to help you move forward faster 
  • Private Facebook group for support and encouragement 
  • Tools to boost positivity and detox negativity
  • Overcoming the influence of the adversary and negativity from other people 
  • Exclusive list of mood boosters to quickly boost your mood, thinking, and energy 
  • Everything is within the context of divine inspiration
  • Weekly team discussion on a power-packed article 
  • Become and do what you were born to become and do!
When and Where
  • Saturday, July 21 from 9 am to 3 pm: Girlfriends' kickoff training with Cafe Rio lunch in Clearfield, Utah. (Also broadcast live online and recorded.)
  • Fridays, July 27 through September 21 from 6-7:30 AM: Weekly online trainings.
  • All trainings will be broadcast live online so you can watch from anywhere in the world. They'll also be recorded in case you leave town. You'll have unlimited access to the recordings!
This program is designed for women who are open to LDS principles.

This program for me will be one of those defining life moments. It has given me the tools to change direction. I have been shown possibilities that have opened ideas and knowledge to move forward with excitement and purpose. I never knew what I didn't know. It has been so exciting to me to have a clear view of what I want my family and my own life to look like. I love the possibilities that lie ahead!  Thank you Becky for all of your time, efforts, and inspired detail on our behalf.  It has been an amazing and powerful program!
- Kim E.

10 Week Transformational Program for $2400 

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Program worth over $3,000 with bonuses
This week special price of only $997 
Use code 997
(Or 3 payments of 399 - contact to arrange payments.)

With Special Bonuses! 

One bonus online class of your choice! ($297 Value) 
Divine Mindset Upgrade Training ($47 Value) 
Master Your Influence Ticket ($227 Value)
Guided Meditation Healing Relationship with Body ($27 Value)
Guided Meditation Giving Burdens to the Savior ($27 Value) 

“I learned patterns and habits to keep the mental and emotional clutter cleaned up and in check and my life moving forward with purpose and passion.” – Anne R. 

“I feel like each training is getting better than the last, if that's possible! So many great takeaways!” - Trisha S.

“Becky’s devotion to helping others live their mission, using gospel-based tool and principles, is the very BEST self-development program I have ever heard of or participated in!” - Candice C. 

About Becky 
  • Becky Edwards brings a unique combination of faith-based mentor/life coach, professional organizer, emotional release worker, spiritual tools, health tools, and intuition. Her transformation toolbox is overflowing. 
  • Speaker and blogger with over a million page views. 
  • Spoke at BYU Women’s Conference. 
  • Has overcome challenges such as depression, body issues including an eating disorder, focus and memory issues, and chronic chaos. 
  • Loves sharing simple yet powerful tools that help people upgrade and heal their thinking, emotions, relationships, habits, success, intuition and connection to God.
  • Mentored people in creating businesses, becoming mentors or presenters, energy and mood, getting organized, simple systems for eating healthy, gluten-free and dairy-free eating, from depression to freedom, upgrading money thermostat and income, healing relationships and marriage, moving from body hate to body love and gratitude, creating consistent routines, positive thought programming, forgiving self for past mistakes, increased connection with God and intuition, moving past obstacles like fear and doubt to reach big goals, moving up the levels of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, changing how people see and talk about self.
  • Coached the students in 3 Key Element's Elite Mentoring program. 
  • Taught LDS seminary and institute.
  • Created a system of tools of scripture feasting, power praying, and heaven journaling.
  • Happy marriage of 27 years, homeschooling mom with five children and three grandchildren.
  • Graduated from BYU studying parenting, marriage, and counseling.
  • Teaches several classes:
    • Overwhelmed to Organized: Don’t Let Clutter Bury Your Dreams
    • Food, Mood, and Energy: Ten Keys to Feeling Great
    • Heaven Journaling 30 Day Program 

Some of my biggest breakthroughs with this program have been learning to change the direction of my thoughts, moods, and behaviors more quickly, forgive, redirect and realign myself quickly, and having the tools to help me get unstuck and move forward whenever I am in the journey.
 - Alysia H. 

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