To a hammer everything is a nail. To a teacher everyone is a student. Honestly, every post on my blog is about teaching in some way, but here are some highlights. 

Winter Homeschool Conference on Jan 30 in Northern Utah

Two minutes can do THAT? How your own body language impacts your self-image and invites others to treat you, with an FHE idea.

Let the Holy Spirit Guide: Creating a Spirit-led Learning Environment

How to Get Students to Participate in Class: 17 Ideas and 17 Quotes

Why we Need to Know the Ten Commandments (and an FHE idea)

FHE on Why Sexual Purity Matters

FHE idea to celebrate families in conjunction with World Congress of Families!

FHE idea & handout of parallels of Abraham and Isaac with Christ

Printable general conference summary handout - all on one page

Printable General Conference notes chart, and how to get more from conference

Some videos to help us get excited about the Old Testament in seminary!

Did you know the 2013 edition of LDS scriptures has hundreds of updates?

My Preparedness Handout I Shared at a Recent Presentation

A great FHE movie for the week of Pioneer Day! Ephriam's Rescue is full of life lessons to help us with our challenges.

Fun! "The Homeschool Song" by my friend Sydney Orton

Why my family reads "For the Strength of Youth" every year

A great two-sided handout to talk with your kids about pornography. Makes a great FHE discussion.

Little quotes so good they may tempt you to take a Sharpie to your laptop...or at least a sticky note!

Scripture mastery games

My new visiting teaching removable quote method

Cool object lesson about testimony

A great quote from David O. McKay about the purpose of education

25 D&C Scripture mastery keywords song 

Five cool things we learned in my first week of teaching seminary

The point of studying scriptures is to find and apply principles

God wants us to be active, not passive, learners of His Gospel

13 Fun get-to-know-you activities

Tomorrow is my first day of teaching early morning seminary!

My story of how our family started homeschooling 2 1/2 years ago - a response to a mom's question

Roles of the Holy Ghost in teaching and learning

A great book list for pre-missionaries, or anyone else who wants to come closer to Christ

Personal Progress for leaders and moms...you can do this!

Why principles matter when we learn anything

"A Classroom of Faith, Hope, and Charity" by Elder Neil L. Anderson

Upcoming Fun Events for Homeschool Families

If You are a Parent, Please Watch This

Five Things I Love about our Vanguard Homeschool Group

My Friend Tammy Ward Has a Gift

Tips from a Professional Organizer on Using "The Family School" Curriculum

12 Reasons I Like "The Family School" Curriculum 

"Harmony Education" Getting Financial Help for Homeschooling

Youth Groups for Homeschoolers in Davis County, Utah

Books I've Loved Reading Since I Started Homeschooling

Funny video clip: Seven Lies about Homeschoolers

Where to Start as a Newbie Homeschooler

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